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Should a Bar Mitzvah--who is reading the rest of the parsha-- read the curses (tochicha) in Ki Tavo? I have heard of some traditions that suggest someone else should read it, but I'm beginning to think it might be a tradition that is no longer around much, much like the "problem" of who to give the aliyah to.

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Welcome to MiYodea! –  Danny Schoemann Jan 26 at 18:29
You might want to edit any reason you have for thinking he shouldn't. (I mean, why'd you ask about the curses and not about, say, the fourth section of Chukas?) –  msh210 Jan 26 at 19:30
why would you think he shouldn't? –  sam Jan 27 at 2:11
he could read parshas Zachor as well. –  sam Jan 27 at 2:14
I realize there are other parts--notably chamishi of Ki Tavo --that have curses as well, but the tochecha I thought might be a separate issue. –  SES Jan 27 at 15:12

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