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Starting with the dibros, YbU introduces some mitzvos with the words 'Ami bnei Yisrael" and I don't see the pattern as to when he does and when he doesn't. Anyone have an idea which ones deserve this intro?

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That Targum is probably not Yonatan Ben Uziel's: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Targum_Pseudo-Jonathan. This puzzled me too! –  Baby Seal Jan 26 at 5:48
here is Yisro targum.info/pj/pjex18-20.htm and here is Mishpatim targum.info/pj/pjex21-24.htm in English Targum Pseudo-Yonasan. Search for my people in Chrome and it will highlight each instance in yellow. Then it might be easier to identify the pattern. –  josh waxman Jan 26 at 12:46
The pattern I've spotted so far: beginning of new idea / section, where it is directed towards second person ("you") as opposed to third person ("he"). Thus this gets no such intro: Whosoever smiteth a son or a daughter of Israel, so as to cause death. But this gets the intro: If thou lend money to (one of) My people, to (one of) the humble of My people. –  josh waxman Jan 26 at 12:51
@joshwaxman but what about the second verse? "When thou shalt acquire a Hebrew slave..." –  Baby Seal Jan 26 at 17:37
@joshwaxman also the beginning of chapter 23 says it many times, all on the topic of judicial process. –  Baby Seal Jan 26 at 17:42
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