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I remember hearing that Rachel Imeinu was buried in kever Rachel, but was only there for one night and then she went to Mearas Hamachpaila.

I can't remember in whose name it was said. Does anyone know a source for this?

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I am remembering something like Rabbi Shlmo Kluger maybe –  sam Jan 23 at 1:25
Ayin Dimah - Rabbi Shlomo Kluger clearly indicates that she was buried and remained in Kever Rachel. –  Gershon Gold Jan 23 at 2:17
Doesn't Jacob Tell Joseph that he buried her there many years after he did? Why even mention it if she's in the machpelah? –  Baby Seal Jan 23 at 3:21
Its a good question,that's why I am asking if anyone knows of it so I can look it up. –  sam Jan 23 at 3:41
Did she move herself or she was moved by someone else in this pshat? –  YeZ Jan 23 at 3:52

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