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Is there a printed text like a תיקון קוראים for learning נ"ך, where one side has the כתיב without נקודות or טעמים?

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Never seen one. However some of the Tikun L'Korims have the weekly Haftaros in them too. –  Gershon Gold Jan 13 at 14:53
Yes, my Tikun has that. I was wondering about the whole of Nach though. –  Eliyahu Jan 13 at 15:00
You can make Tikkunei Korim (?) for any part of Tanach at this website. –  Double AA Jan 13 at 18:05
Simanim has one for the 5 Megilot - darga.org.il/product.asp?productid=1754 –  Danny Schoemann Jan 14 at 8:02
What is the need for the entire Nach as a Tikkun? –  sharshi Mar 27 at 20:31
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