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I know that at certain times you are not to make a hefsek (interruption), but I am not sure what these are. Specifically, I think that one should not say "Baruch hu varuch shemo" during Krias Shema through the silent Shemona Esrei, but I am less certain if it should be said at:

Birkhot Ha-shahar (assuming I have not already said this privately)

  1. Baruch ata Hashem gomeil hasadim tovim l'amo Yisrael.
  2. Baruch ata Hashem m'kadaish et shimkha ba'rarabim.

P'sukei D'Zimra

  1. Baruch ata Hashem melek m'hulal ba'tishbahot.
  2. Baruch ata Hashem eil melek gadol ba-tishbahot . . .

Krias Torah

  1. Baruch ata Hashem notein ha-Torah.

I have read this post but I am unclear if in these situations listed above I should keep quiet and only say "Amen". I have heard guys that say "Baruch shmo" to EVERY bracha, but I am pretty sure this is not correct. My confusion here is probably related to my imperfect understanding of being yotzei, but any explanation you can provide will help.

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Well, I studied that answer in detail before asking this, but I was not able to get at these specific answers. –  Mike Jan 10 at 6:12
So what? Are the questions duplicates? –  Double AA Jan 10 at 13:22
@DoubleAA Not duplicate. That answer was "Always say it unless it is a hefsek (either from a place where you can't answer, or from being yotzei). I am asking at what places during the morning service these conditions are met since I am not certain. –  Mike Jan 12 at 8:59
Why are you telling me what the answer said? I'm asking if the questions are the same, or if one is entirely subsumed in the other. The answers are completely irrelevant to this discussion. Your question is entirely subsumed in the other question as far as I can tell. If you can't demonstrate otherwise I will close this question as a dupe. –  Double AA Jan 12 at 15:07

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