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If an androginus (person possessing both sex organs) or tumtum (person of unspecific gender) is punished by beis din for a capital case and then hung, how is the body displayed? Like a man (naked but genitals covered in front and facing the people) or a woman (naked but genitals covered and front and back and not facing the people) or entirely differently?

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It looks like this question would be on a much stronger footing if @please consults the sources for the standard treatments of men and women that he/she is alluding to and edits the post to cite them and reflect them more precisely. – Isaac Moses Jan 9 '14 at 16:32
According to Sota perek 3, mishna 8, the woman does not punished naked: "האיש נסקל ערם, ואין האשה נסקלת ערמה." – jutky Jan 9 '14 at 23:14
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Halacha is clear that both androginus and tumtum are limited by rules for both men and women. (E.g. Just like a man cannot marry a man, so too, androginus and tumtum cannot marry a man. Just like a woman cannot marry a woman, so too, androginus and tumtum cannot marry a woman.) Therefore, in this case, both would treated like a woman; a woman's back may not be uncovered, and she may not be hung.

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Since it is not clearly forbidden for a woman to marry a woman an androginus can marry a woman – hazoriz Jan 15 at 12:47

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