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The phrase "al pi Kabalah" (based on Kabalah) is often used in teshuvot for various minhagim or halachot.

When is the first recorded instance of somebody recording the Halacha either "al pi Kabalah" or by quoting the Zohar? To clarify, I want to know the Year. It does not matter if they were a major posek or not, just as long a they were mentioning practical rather than theoretical halacha. If they are quoting the zohar they have to mention it by name.

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Seems like the Bet Yosef is one of the earliest to quote the Zohar as the source of a Halacha.

The first instance, IIRC, is the obligation to wash Negel Vaser before doing anything else.

The Bet Yosef [on the Tur] was written some time before 1555, as by then R' Yofef Karo had already summarized it as the Shulchan Aruch. [Source]

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(1) Where does the Bet Yosef mention the obligation to wash Negel Vaser before doing anything else being from the Zohar? Ba'er Heitev on Orach Chayim 1:1 s.v. ha-Shachar comments on the Bach's surprise at the Beit Yosef for not having mentioned the Zohar 's position on the importance of Netilat Yadayim before all else. (2) Hebrew Wikipedia's article on the Beit Yosef says it's writing (which took 25 years) was completed in 1547. –  Tamir Evan 18 hours ago

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