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Is there anyone is our times who ONLY wear t'philin made according to the shitta of Rabenu Tam - to the exclusion of "Rashi" t'philin?

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There are a handful of people, I think Rav Yoel Bin Nun is among them, who wear only Rabbeinu Tam tefillin because ancient tefillin found in Bar Kochba grave follow his order of parshiyos.

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This sounds specious. Can you source it? –  Double AA Feb 19 at 4:23
I can source the order of the parshiyos in bar kokhba era tefillin. I can't source people who put them on without tracking them down and confirming with each one. –  Yitzchak Feb 19 at 4:30
...or by finding writings of theirs online, or testimony of others about them... –  Double AA Feb 19 at 4:31
The bar kokhba era tefillin are there for anyone to see at the Israel Museum. They also laid the parshiyos flat like rabbeinu tam. I will google around for sources tomorrow, bl"n and if I don't find any within a reasonable amount of time I'll chalk it up to rumor and delete the answer. –  Yitzchak Feb 19 at 4:34
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