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Ezekiel (Yechezkel) 40 begins a section about a vision of a temple with priests and sacrifices and feasts. The detailed descriptions of this temple seem to indicate that a literal (as opposed to figurative) temple is being described. Should it be identified with the one built after the Babylonian captivity? And if not, when and under what circumstances will it be built?

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I understand the Rambam below is referring to your chapter (so no it is refuring to the one not yet built (it shloud be speedily rebuilt)

The rambam  » Mishneh Torah» Sefer Avodah » Beit Habechirah »  1 » 4

The [design of the] structure built by [King] Solomon is described explicitly in [the Book of] Kings. [In contrast, the design of] the Messianic Temple, though mentioned in [the Book of] Ezekiel, is not explicit or explained. Thus, the people [in the time] of Ezra built the Second Temple according to the structure of Solomon, [including] certain aspects which are explicitly stated in Ezekiel

......,...... ....


Mishneh Torah» Sefer Shoftim » Melachim uMilchamot » Chapter 11 and 12

Regarding what we are waiting for


Also See answer http://judaism.stackexchange.com/a/28700/5120 even though in the comments some one argues I still understand that we are waiting to tip the scale


We pray every weekday at least 3 times a day for G-d almighty to bring him

Re who will build it see Will the mesiah build the 3rd temple?

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