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The passage "על כן בשכר זאת קל חי חלקנו צורנו צוה להציל ידידות שארנו משחת" is part of one of the blessings recited at a b'ris mila. Pische S'shuva (Yore Dea 265:4) cites a difference of opinion as to whether the word "צִוָּה / tziva / commanded"[1] or "צַוֵּה / tzave / command"[2] appears in it, and concludes that either is okay. (The commentaries he quotes discuss why one word might be better than the other.) In practice, which communities recite each?

[1] That is, "therefore, in this merit, the living God… commanded to save…".
[2] That is, "therefore, in this merit, O living God… command to save…".

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