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Should a child old enough to make brachos who is not weaned be encouraged to make a bracha on breastmilk? If so which one? Are there any direct sources for this?

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"Which one." Well it would have to be shehakol. That's what anyone drinking any milk says. –  Double AA Oct 29 '13 at 1:36
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I seem to remember a story of a child of Reb Aryeh Leib Levin who made such a brocho but I can't find it now. –  Avrohom Yitzchok Oct 29 '13 at 13:48
The better question is what bracha does an adult make since it is mutar if its in a cup or his hands. –  sam Oct 29 '13 at 18:49
@sam i seem to remember this still being 'bal teshaktzu' for an adult –  bondonk Oct 29 '13 at 23:04
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It seems from the Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 81:7 that one has to stop nursing by age 4 or 5 if child is weak.

The Shulchan Aruch in 167:19, see also Mishna Brurah 269:1 who holds the age of chinuch is 6 or 7.

so it seems that a bracha should not be recited at all.

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I must be missing it; I see no discussion of age in OC 167:19 –  Double AA Oct 29 '13 at 3:21
The Mishna Berura says it all depends on the child's ability, so even five years old might be possible, and moreover he is referring to chinuch for havdalla which might be later than chinuch on shehakol. If you want to claim the OP's situation is impossible, you'd better do a better job proving it is so. –  Double AA Oct 29 '13 at 3:23
I didn't see כבר שית כבר שבע mentioned in the Shulchan Aruch itself. –  Fred Oct 29 '13 at 3:32
There are many opinions on this matter,I wrote it seems,not the word impossible. –  sam Oct 29 '13 at 3:34
@sam If you agree the OP's case is possible, then what kind of answer is this? –  Double AA Oct 29 '13 at 3:53
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