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Does anyone know where it says that in the times before moshiach, it will cost a barrel of money to buy a loaf of bread? I remember hearing that, but can't find the source.

The reason I ask that is because I just read this quote from John Stossel, a libertarian journalist:

John Stossel
The dollar has lost 96% of its value since #TheFed was created. By printing so much money, the Fed risks vicious inflation. So far, inflation has been mild, but when inflation increases, it happens quickly. I fear that soon, if we want to buy a loaf of bread, we’ll have to carry a wheelbarrow full of cash to the grocery store. STOSSEL tonight at 9PM on Fox Business.

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By the way, Stossel was making a reference to the circumstances during a period of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic in 1923. – Fred Oct 25 '13 at 4:13

The Gemara in Sotah (49b) says the price of wine will increase, but as far as I know it doesn't say the same about bread.

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It's actually in the Mishna, Sotah 9:15. – Shimon bM Oct 25 '13 at 4:26

The quote you're looking for is from the New Testament.

Revelation 6:6

And I heard a voice from among them say, "A loaf of wheat bread will cost a day's pay..."

The context of this quote is the Apocalypse (aka End of Days).

As mentioned by @Fred, this actually happened in Germany in the years leading to WW2.

wheel barrow of money

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you make a barrel of money every day? – ray Apr 30 '14 at 18:17
In pennies? Sure, – Shmuel Apr 30 '14 at 19:29
Also, the quote in the question says wheel barrow, not barrel. – Shmuel Apr 30 '14 at 19:42

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