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In the artscroll zemiros book they mention that the Gra and Rav Emden either did not say or modified the shabbat song Shalom Aleichem because there is a stanza which requests that the angels bless us. My question is what is wrong with asking angels to bless us? Yaakov does exactly that when he struggled with the angel of Eisav.

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The pasuk never says it was an Angel. Perhaps (Yaakov thought) it was a man. – Double AA Oct 9 '13 at 21:56
It seems that Rashi holds that Yaakov wasn't asking the angel to bless him, and the angel didn't actually bless him see Rashi to Bereishit 32:27 and :29 – Menachem Oct 10 '13 at 4:49

Angels can only do what they're programmed to do, they don't work for us. Hence it's questionable if I have any business asking angels to do anything.

I would assume that if Yaakov is minding his own business and is suddenly attacked by an angel, the angel is now running a program called interact_with_Yaakov. Somehow Yaakov reasoned that the interact_with_Yaakov program included something like if (must_bless == True) then bless_Yaakov. Hence he asked for it. But the angel won't give Yaakov his name as it's of no use -- once the sun comes up and the angel flies away, interact_with_Yaakov is no longer running and thus the angel no longer has a job interacting with Yaakov, hence Yaakov can't summon it or make any requests.

As for how Yaakov deduces that the angel has a bless_Yaakov routine, the approach of the Sforno and others is that Yaakov realizes that G-d is sending him this struggle so he can learn a message of hope -- either that he's personally stronger than he thinks, or that his offspring will overcome adversity. Either way, the message isn't truly complete until he can force his adversary to bless him.

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Stack Overflow has way too much influence on this site. :) – Ypnypn May 14 '14 at 0:17

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