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The Torah calls last day of Sukkos Shmini-Atzeres (or techically a separate holiday (PZ"R KS"B)) but at some point in time it became Simchat-Torah (in Israel) or the 2nd day in Chutz L'aretz. When did this happen ?

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Mossad harav kook have put out a book that I'm sure would address the question (currently only in hebrew) I'm sure it'll be on Otzar Hachachmah mosadharavkook.com/shop search for תולדות-חג-שמחת-תורה – David Sep 29 '13 at 0:07
Are you asking why we finish the Torah on simchat Torah? – Menachem Sep 29 '13 at 3:12

I think the question should be : when Shmini Atzeres became ALSO simchat Torah.It is Ezra tha decided to read the all Torah not anymore in 3 years but in one year.He decided to make it a simh'a and choose Shmini Atzeres. Why ? I have yo look bn

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