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if the torah has 613 commandments, why the need for singling out ten commandments? Why are these more special than the rest?

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Your title asks "why specifically these Ten Commandments", i.e. why those ten were chosen as special rather than some other ten. The question itself, on the other hand, asks both that and "why the need for singling out ten commandments", i.e. why any ten were chosen as special. Do you mean to ask both questions? Also, I don't know what you mean by "singling out"/"special". Singled out for being announced at Sinai? The answer, below, seems to think you mean "singled out in current Jewish practice". Is that what you mean? Please edit the question to clarify. – msh210 Jul 12 '13 at 7:30

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Rashi (Shemos 24:12) writes that the ten commandments are 10 categories which the 613 fall under.The Bamidbar Rabbah writes that there is 620 letters in the ten commandments 613 for the mitzvos and 7 for the rabbanic mitzvos.

It should be noted that singling out asres hadibros is not so simple because we don't want to show that it is more important than any other mitzvah.See gemara Berachos 12 where they tried to insert aseres hadibros into davening.Also standing for aseres hadibros when read is also not so simple see tshuvos HaRambam.

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Shemos 24:12: את לחת האבן והתורה והמצוה אשר כתבתי להורתם: כל שש מאות ושלש עשרה מצות בכלל עשרת הדברות הן, ורבינו סעדיה פירש באזהרות שיסד לכל דבור ודבור מצות התלויות בו – sam Jul 14 '13 at 5:50

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