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I'm not sure how widespread the following practice is, since, as a man - and even since I was a young boy - I have always taken little notice of other women and girls outside my immediate family as I (usually hurriedly) leave my home and go to Shul on Friday afternoons and 'Erev Yom Tov. But I have observed, here and there, women who don't constantly cover their hair, as well as unmarried women and young girls, who specifically wear some sort of head covering when they light candles.

How widespread is this practice, and is it required (at least by some)?

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I might guess it's a simple inconsistency (many if not most opinions say they should cover their hair inside their own homes), much like some men cover their head with a Yarmulke when they go to Synagogue even though they're supposed to wear one at all times. –  A L Jun 29 '13 at 0:06

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