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In the Torah is the happening of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. In English we have the word sodomy which is used to describe anal and oral stimulation. In some views the word Sodom and sodomy are connected (both oral and anal for homosexual and hetrosexual). Is the word Sodom connected to sodomy of both types in the Jewish view? I ask this because we have a popular question about oral sex in Christianity SE:Clarification of what sexual immorality is?

I do see: are homosexual relations forbidden by God? Why? but my question deals primarly with hetrosexual marital sodmy in jew and gentile groups.

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Do you want to know whether Jewish legal sources uses the term "sodomy" to describe those acts or do you want to know whether those acts are permitted between men and women? Without that clarification, I have to down-vote you and recommend closing as "not a real question." Please edit. –  Bruce James Jun 24 '13 at 21:16
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Let me unpack the question a bit and try to help clear this up. See more here.

The Bible tells a story of a city called Sodom. Some visitors show up at the house of Lot, Abraham's nephew, and at one point in the story demand the visitors so they can be raped.

For whatever reasons, the English language picked the word "sodomy" to mean some sort of prohibited sexual behavior. (For instance, a 17-year-old teenage girl who did something with her almost-16-year-old boyfriend.) Not my problem.

The Jewish view, supported by the later prophets' description of Sodom as well as the Talmud's discussion about it, is that Sodom was all about callousness and corruption first and foremost. Raping visitors wasn't "woo-hoo we're attracted to men", it was about "this is how we show that outsiders are unwelcome here and will get no kindness from us, we will show them who's in control here." A civilization built on that had to go.

Now it is true that Judaism does ban homosexual relations quite clearly. Leviticus ch. 18 has a whole list of "don't sleep with A, don't sleep with B", and one of them is clearly "men, don't sleep with men." That prohibition per se is limited to a very specific act. However, that chapter opens with the line "don't get close to uncovering the nakedness of someone prohibited." The Talmud's interpretation of this line is quite simply: if the Torah spells out "don't sleep with A", "don't get close" means don't affectionately hug, kiss, or the like. So that pretty much rules out all "forms of sex." Less bad than the specifically mentioned forms (and for theory's sake, 2500 years ago if all technicalities were met, once in a blue moon the death penalty could be administered for "don't sleep with", whereas the maximum punishment for "don't get close" would be lashes), but still prohibited.

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Are you saying the jews allow any form of marital sex? –  caseyr547 Jun 23 '13 at 5:00
@Casey547 that's not at all what he's saying, although to a certain extent whatever a married couple wants to do between the two of them is allowed. See Tractate Nedarim, 20b –  Seth J Jun 23 '13 at 5:15
@SethJ thank you for pointing out Nedarium 20b –  caseyr547 Jun 23 '13 at 19:11

You ask:

Is the word Sodom connected to sodomy

No, every Hebrew word for sodomy (used in Jewish law) that I've ever heard of is unrelated to the Hebrew name of the city Sodom.

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