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A given person is Shabbat-observant; his/her immediate and extended family is not.

May this individual write an email to his/her family (who lives in Israel) when it is before Shabbat (where s/he currently lives) knowing full well that it is already Shabbat in Israel and that said family will likely read and reply to said email?

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Would it extend their time doing melacha? If so, your question basically is: is one allowed to extend the time someone is doing melachot if he is already doing them? (my guess would be no) –  Hacham Gabriel Jun 14 '13 at 18:26
Alternatively, making a phone call would probably fall under the same category. –  Adam Mosheh Nov 14 '13 at 2:17
The reverse was practical for me some years back. I wrote a family update motzaei shabbat from Israel. Eventually, my grandmother would specifically check her email for my update on Shabbat afternoon (and reply, so I knew she was doing this). I felt guilty about it, so I started saving my email and sending it on Sunday morning. She never got up at 3AM motzaei Shabbat to reply ;-) –  Ze'ev Felsen Mar 20 at 6:52
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