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When praying for someone's refuah shlema (fully recovered health), is it halakhically required to use their additional names on top of their first names? Is it simply custom?

If someone is named Ya'akov Yosef ben Sarah Leah, for example, is it required to say all four names (Ya'akov, Yosef, Sarah and Leah) when praying for their refuah shlema? Or would it suffice to simply say "Ya'akov ben Sarah"?

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Suffice for what? – Double AA Jun 6 '13 at 14:34
Where did "Chaya" come from? Is she the ill the one? – HodofHod Jun 6 '13 at 16:35
I am under the impression, perhaps wrongly, that the proper custom when praying for someone's refuah shlema is to mention that person's Hebrew name followed by their mother's Hebrew name. If a person's name actually consists of two names (e.g. Ya'akov Yosef ben ...), my question is if the custom requires both given names to be said or if mentioning their first given name is still an acceptable way to pray for their refuah shlema (just Ya'akov in my example rather than Ya'akov and Yosef)? – Lee Jun 10 '13 at 9:16
PS thanks for the comment/edit HodofHod and msh210 respectively. I must've been tired :) – Lee Jun 10 '13 at 9:17
Is the question phrased clearly enough? It hasn't seen much action and, if it needs improvement, I'm happy to provide it. – Lee Jun 14 '13 at 19:54

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