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I might be attending a convention over the Shabbat in Chanukah. I am not worried about opposition from the hotel; this one has historically been pretty liberal about candles in rooms. So if I go I am confident that I will be permitted to light.

Typically at conventions of this type, the observant Jews (a small minority of the attendees) get together for Shabbat meals in somebody's hotel room, there being no kosher eatery in the area. What do people in this situation usually do during Chanukah -- bring their chanukiyot to the room where the meal is and light? Light in their own rooms before going off to dinner? Or is there a reason for the group to seek out a more-public place to light, such as in the lobby, and eat there? (All areas that people would have to walk through are indoors.)

I understand that for practical matters one must consult a rabbi; I'm trying to gather relevant halacha and prior work (surely some others here have been in this situation).

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