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I saw in some books (Rav Belsky, Arizal) that you are not allowed to learn torah Shebictav at night without mefarshim. Why is that?

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Did the books give any reasons? Which book by the Arizal or Rav Belsky? –  Double AA Apr 14 '13 at 20:59
no, i asked my friend he said something about demons harming you. I saw it in Rav Belskys halacha book. I heard it comes from Arizal the source. –  shlomo Apr 14 '13 at 21:01
Rav Belsky and Arizal?! That's a pretty interesting combination –  Yehoshua Apr 14 '13 at 22:14
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In the siddur of Rabbi Shabtai from Rashkov, which presents kavvanot of the Arizal (many books do, it's just the one I have at hand), it says, in the section 'Kriat Shma she-al Ha-Mita':

אין ללמוד מקרא בלילה כי הקורא בלי פירוש עומדת בעשייה מקום תגבורת הדינין ואין ראוי לעוררן בזמן שליטתן שהוא לילה

One should not learn Miqra at night because reading [Miqra] without commentary stands in [the world of] Asiyyah, the place of the strengthening of the harsh judgements, and it is not proper to awaken them at the time of their rule, at night.

For the Kabbalists, part of the rhythm of time is that during the first half of the night the forces of judgment are ascendant in the world of עשיה. Also, for the Kabbalists, different kinds of learning--e.g., learning Mishnah, learning Kabbalah, learning Miqra-- stand in different worlds. Since Miqra stands in עשיה, it shouldn't be engaged in at night.

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