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At the end of each Parsha many Chumashim have the number of Pesukim that are in that Parsha. By Parshas Tzav they all say 96 which is the Gematria of Tzav צו. However if counted there are 97 Pesukim. Was this done since there are really 96 Pesukim and 2 of the Pesukim are really one, or since it was only off by one it was a cute Siman? Some other reason?

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The gematria of Tzav plus the kolel is 97. – Fred Mar 22 '13 at 19:59
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This sefer suggests that according the author of the "Mesora", Vayikra 7:22 and 7:23 may be joined together, based on a Rambam (quoted by Shach YD 275:6) that differentiates the former Possuk from all other instances in the Torah. However he later notes (in his comments to the end of Sefer Vayikra) that if one adds up the totals written at the end each Parsha it falls one short from the total claimed for the entire book of Vayikra unless one counts Tzav as having 97 Pesukim.

Wikipedia claims that, "It is a widespread mistake that Parshas Tzav has 96 ("צו") Pesukim; an error that was even made its way into a number of Seforim. However in actuality there are 97 verses in the Parsha".

See also page 9 of this pdf.

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