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What does it say about chibuk and nishuk (kissing and hugging) shelo b'shas tashmish (not during relations) with one's wife in Sifrei Halacha or Hashkafa?

Among madrichei chassanim (those that teach someone about getting married) there are different derachim (ways of teaching) in this regard (especially between litvish and chassidish.) However I'm curious to know if this is spoken about at all in Sifrei Halacha or Hashkafa especially from earlier sources (not necessarily new seforim however that would also be a valuable source in this discussion.)

Much of the time what I heard those that discourage it is because of the possibility that one will come to be motzei zera l'vateleh. As well as other points of one's level of "Kedusha" (Holiness) etc.

While this point is something that each person needs to work out for himself and to be discussed with a Rabbi or Mashpia, Madrichei Chassanim, etc still I'm looking rather for sources on the issue.

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There's an Igros Moshe about it where Rabbi Moshe Feinstein makes absolutely clear that it is appropriate for one to hug and kiss one's wife (in a private setting) any time of the month it is allowable. (If someone has a serious problem with premature ejaculation they should get therapy.)

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Please if you could find the exact location of the teshuva and update the answer. Thanks! – Yehoshua Jan 16 '13 at 10:00
Are you referring to this teshuva - ? – Yehoshua Jan 16 '13 at 13:01

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