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A question was raised whether a non-Jew can run a Judaica store. My thought on that was it depended on what types of judaica he sold. I doubted that a sofer would sell him mezuzah parchments, tefillin or sefer Torahs. Also, I saw a video of a church using a sefer Torah in its services (opening it up from end to end and wrapping it around congregants; oy!) Is there a halachic prohibition to selling a sefer Torah to a non-Jew?

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If you look at the Halachos of Mezuza:

see Rambam (sefer ahava - Hilchos Tefillin, Mezuza, v'Sefer Torah - Chapter 5:11)

you will find that it is forbidden, when moving out of an apartment, to leave a Mezuza there if a gentile will be moving in. The reason given is that he may come to desecrate it.

Also, see Ramah (Yoreh De'ah 291:2)

Who states that it is forbidden to give a mezuzah to a gentile to affix on his door.

We may be able to infer from here the Halachos of selling a Torah to Gentiles. If we are worried they will desecrate it, it is probably not allowed. (Wrapping it around the congregants is surely a desecration!)

Having said that, I have heard from an Orthodox Rabbi, that selling a Mezuzah to a gentile can be permissible today if we are not worried they will come to desecrate it. (there are plenty of Gentiles out there who are aware of the spiritual benefits of Mezuza and would be happy to affix one on their door)

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