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I want indexes (indices) to the classic Torah works, so that I can quickly find the pages that hold the information I need. Where can I find such indexes?

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  • Chumash:

    • The Stone Chumash, the Soncino chumash, and R' Aryeh Kaplan's chumash each include an index.
  • Tanach:

    • The Stone Tanach includes an index.
  • Talmud Bavli:

  • Shulchan Aruch:

    • Karo, J. E., Isserles, M. I., Preisler, Z., Havlin, S. (1993) (in Hebrew).
      שלחן ערוך / לרבינו יוסף קארו ; עם המפה (הגהות הרמ״א) לרבינו משה איסרליס ; נערך, סודר והודפס מחדש בכרך אחד עם פיסוק ועם האיזכורים מהמקרא, מלווה בששה מפתחות ; בעריכת צבי ה. פרייזלר, שמואל הבלין.‏
      One-volume edition, fully vowelized, with indexes. No commentaries. WorldCat. Important: In WorldCat, use "Show libraries holding just this edition" to get a list of only the libraries that hold the 1993 Ketuvim edition and to get a list of only the libraries that hold the 1995 Ketuvim edition.
  • Mishna Berurah:

    • Yad Yisrael by Daniel Eidensohn. English-language and Hebrew-language editions available.
  • Igros Moshe:

  • You can find indexes to other works too. For example, see <http://books.google.com/books?id=347YayHXEEcC&pg=PA115> and the succeeding pages.

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Check out The Bar Ilan Responsa - Global Jewish Database. It is a database of thousands of years of halachic literature with an extremely advanced search feature, allowing you to find all relevant information in seconds.

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Is this an index of the contents of the works, or just a lot of the works themselves? – Double AA Dec 7 '12 at 19:26
It is a searchable database with extremely advanced search features that allows for quick searching of thousands of years of halachic literature. – Baruch Dec 7 '12 at 19:36
Which is why it's a good answer to this other question but I don't know if it works here. – Double AA Dec 8 '12 at 23:46

Check out two websites by Mordechai Torczyner:

While not complete, they are worthwhile resources.

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