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I am used to the idea that the name אלקים connotes judgement and ה׳ mercy. So how is it in Psalms 69 (14) , the Psalmist says “אלקים ברב חסדך”?

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Rabbi Shmuel of Lubavitch, the Rebbe Maharash asks this question in a discourse (Toras Shmuel 5632 Chelek 1 pg. 164) and explains as follows:

There are two types of chesed (kindness): a "worldly" kindness ("chesed olam"), and a kindness that supersedes the natural order of things ("rav chesed"). While the regular, worldly type of kindness contradicts and apposes the idea of gevurah (severity), the super-worldly kindness actually sweetens the severity. Since the verse here mentions this later type of chesed; "berov chasdecha", it does not contradict the name of Elokim which represents severity.

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