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I wanted to Know where is the Convenant Box? In Most Holy Place There was Convenant Box but is it still there?

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I assume you mean the "Ark of the Covenant".

See here for the Jewish Encylopedia version. There are two opinions, either it was captured and taken to Babylon, (Yoma 53b) or hidden away in the Temple. The Mishnas in Shekalim are interesting:

Shekalim 6: Mishnah 1: There were thirteen horn-shaped chests,' thirteen tables, and thirteen prostrations in the Temple. Those of the House of Rabban Gamaliel and they of the House of R. Chanania the Prefect of the priests used to prostrate themselves fourteen times. And where was the extra one? '-Opposite the woodstore, for thus was a tradition among them from their ancestors that the Ark was hidden there.'

Mishnah 2: It happened once that a certain priest was occupied and noticed that some flooring- was different from the rest. He went and was telling it to his fellow, but before he could end the matter his soul was departed from him.' And thus they knew definitely that there the Ark had been hidden.

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Thanks...................... – Anish Nov 7 '12 at 9:38

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