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Related: What were Chazal referring to when they said there were 7 notes in a musical octave?

There is a well known Medrash (anyone help with the source?) [I think on the Posuk 'Lamnatzeich Al HaShminis - A Sing on the Eight Note Instrument'] that when Moshiach comes the octave will be made up of eight notes instead of seven!

Can anyone point to a source where I can find out if this a new note which is not yet possible to reach or if the scale will just be divided differently into 8 instead of into 7 but will essentially remain the same octave?

Where can I learn more about this new note?

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How is this different from judaism.stackexchange.com/q/20550/472? –  Monica Cellio Oct 4 '12 at 13:10
@MonicaCellio Very simple. One is asking what are these 7 notes based on. This question is asking what is the long term plan of the eighth note regardless of how to understand the seven at the moment. Is it a note that we cant fathom, or is it a new way of dividing up the octave! –  Yehuda Oct 4 '12 at 13:36
@yehuda, I think you did a good job in making these distinct questions. It would probably be nice to include explicit cross-references within the questions, since they're so closely linked. –  Isaac Moses Oct 4 '12 at 14:15
@IsaacMoses have done, thanks! –  Yehuda Oct 4 '12 at 15:24
you don't think this is just homiletic? –  Charles Koppelman Oct 27 at 19:06

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I wish to add to your 8 th note this is true. You see every thing God creat has a root of 7 connected to it He created the heavens and the earth look at the earth
7 continents. 7 oceans and seas. The North Star 7 stars the Big Dipper. Rainbow has 7 colores. There is 7 planets above us we are the 8 th. All the animals came to Noah in groups of 7 and 7 species for 7 days.when Pharoe had a dream needed Joseph to intrepid it for him the dream 7 cows 7 lean cows 7 ears or corn etc. He gave us 7 basic metals to work and build with lead,iron,bronz,copper,silver,gold,platinum. The plagues in Egypt all lasted 7 days per plague. The first sentence in the bible is 7 words in hebrew but 28 letters 7 goes 4 times into it . When they left Egypt they counted 49 days then received the 10 commandments with it 613 total . To play music you need to know 7 notes Do re mi pa so la ti. So now we will soon get an 8 th note I think it is higher than Do. Or lower than ti. The animals will hear it before the humans they will start chilling howling and making all kinds of sounds the birds eagles cows goats sheep horses etc by the way 7 comes up 770 in the bible I just gave you a glance of it. This proves Darwin's theory is rubbish.

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Don't forget the battle of Jericho they sent 77 priests whom went round Jericho 7 times every day for 7 days till the walls came down. –  Shimry Jul 13 at 15:05
Impressive sourcing....by the way, you can click on the edit link under your answer to put in an afterthought (like the one you put in the comment above) –  Shokhet Jul 13 at 15:18
Also, I kinda missed the connection between this and Darwinism....mind explaining? –  Shokhet Jul 13 at 15:21

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