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Can an Askanazi (who follow the rulings of the Rema who does not allow weddings during three weeks)go to a Sefardic wedding (who follow the rulings of the Beis Yosef who allows weddings during the three weeks) that happens during the three weeks and what if anythig may he do when he is there?

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Where do the Rema and Beis Yosef make those rulings? – Double AA Jan 13 at 18:32
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The Askenazi may attend and fully paticipate in dancing at the wedding (Rivevos Epraim 6:298,Nattie Gavriel 14:10 FOOTNOTE 20)

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The Ashkenazi custom is only to not MAKE a wedding, not to not attend one. – Shalom Jun 30 '10 at 0:33
Just explaining the reason. I know with regards to Sefira, R' Moshe even allows an attendee to shave and get a haircut if looking respectable would enhance the joy of the bride and groom. – Shalom Jun 30 '10 at 14:32

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