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I know both of the Rambam and Ramban listed all 613 mitzvos, and they differ in some (I think like 16ish?)

What are the ones upon which they differ? If possible please include why they differ in specific instances.

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The list of differences can be found in an appendix to the Minchas Chinuch.

Ramban includes all of these positive mitzvos, which the Rambam doesn't

Mitzvah 1: Positive mitzvah of eating maaser sheni.

Mitzvah 2: Positive mitzvah of not eating impure trumah

Mitzvah 3: Positive mitzvah of not selling shvi'is fruits

Mitzvah 4: Positive mitzvah of settling Eretz Yisrael

Mitzvah 5: Positive mitzvah of leaving a way for the enemy to retreat

Mitzvah 6: Positive mitzvah to eat fruit trees when sieging a city

Mitzvah 7: Positive mitzvah to remember Miriam verbally

Mitzvah 8: Positive mitzvah to be wholesome with G-d

Mitzvah 9: Positive mitzvah to separate trumah from the best

Mitzvah 10: Positive mitzvah for every korban to be one of the three valid species

Mitzvah 11: Positive mitzvah to offer all korbanos between the two temidin

Mitzvah 12: Positive (?) mitzvah for the Pesach not to be eaten by day

Mitzvah 13: Positive mitzvah to kill a killer

Mitzvah 14: Positive mitzvah not to benefit from clothing or a house with tzara'as

Mitzvah 15: Positive mitzvah to thank G-d

Mitzvah 16: Positive mitzvah to keep your brother alive

Mitzvah 17: Positive mitzvah to return interest

Ramban includes all of these negative mitzvos, which the Rambam doesn't

Mitzvah 1: Negative mitzvah not to forget belief in G-d

Mitzvah 2: Negative mitzvah not to forget the standing at Har Sinai

Mitzvah 3: Ngeative mitzvah not to misplace vessels in the beis hamikdash

Mitzvah 4: Negative mitzvah not to slaughter kodshim intending to eat them

Mitzvah 5: Negative mitzvah not to eat kodshim outside of their place

Mitzvah 6: Negative mitzvah not to eat the bird slaughtered for a metzora

Mitzvah 7: Negative mitzvah for levi'im not to take trumah

Mitzvah 8: Negative mitzvah not to accept shekalim from non-Jews for the purpose of korbanos tzibur

It is important to note that the Rambam and Ramban agree with each other most of the time that these are obligations, but they disagree about whether they are de'oraisa.

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+1 Thanks. If you can include the list of added ones that would double the value of your answer :) – Double AA Jul 25 '12 at 2:24

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