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Estoy buscando una transliteración del rezo Shemoné-Esré en la lengua español. ¿Puede usted, por favor, ayudarme? Yo también quiero los rezos y cánticos para el Shabat.

I'm looking for a transliteration of the Shemone Esre into Spanish. Can you please help me? I also want the prayers and songs (Zemirot) for Shabbat.

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Here's nusach Sefard (or maybe Sephardi?):

And here's a harder-to-read version with both nusach sephard and Sephardi nusach:

For Kabalat Shabbat prayers, check out a this Spanish siddur with translation and transliteration: It has commentary and "alternative versions" from the Reform siddur, Mishkan Tefilah, in it, and it's missing a lot.

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