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I've been having this discussion with my friends and family about the Halacha of dividing Yom Tov into Chatzi LaHashem (half of the day devoted to prayer and learning) and Chatzi Lachem (half of the day devoted to eating, drinking, etc.). Do you know why so many people don't do this today? The Halacha is brought down in the Shulchan Aruch (529:1 with Mishna Berura 1, and Rambam, Laws of Yom Tov, 6:19). They each state that one should wake up early, Daven at sunrise and learn until midday.

This law is stated about Yom Tov in general. However, it does not appear to me that many actually do this. I wonder if anyone knows why this is so.

In addition, many have a custom to learn all night on Shavuos. However, they then go to sleep after eating in the morning. I wonder how this jives with the law above. Is it better to learn all night on Shavuos or to follow this law/Minhag?

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