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I'm male. Imagine I arrive at a youth hostel where I'm the only Jew. There's a male-only dorm room; down the hallway, there's also a female-only dorm room. Assume that all the doors are unlocked. Do the laws of yichud allow me to sleep in the male-only dorm room?

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Rabbi N.D. Dubov[1] cites the Minchas Ish and says that the hallways of a hotel are public domains. So perhaps the hallways of a youth hostel are also public domains.

But perhaps I'm wrong, or perhaps there may be other halachic problems with sleeping in a non-Jewish youth hostel. I'm not a rabbi. CYLOR.

[1] In chapter 6 note 235 of the free online version of The Laws of Yichud.

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This question and answer were originally just a comment on another question. After I originally posted the comment, Menachem replied: "That's the hallways, but what about the rooms where the beds are located?" –  unforgettableid Dec 25 '12 at 22:02
@Menachem: I'm in a dorm room that contains only men. There's a public domain just outside the room. This seems analogous to being in a house full of men which opens onto a public domain. So you haven't convinced me that there's any problem with staying in a male-only dorm room in a youth hostel. –  unforgettableid Dec 25 '12 at 22:30

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