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Are there any special additions one can add to the shemoneh esrei on Yom Ha'atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim? Is there any problem with saying these additions? Do any major shuls in America say them?

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I would think that if Ezra HaSofer (a Navi and the founder of Anshei Kineses Hagedolah) did not make any additions or changes regarding tefilah even for the day he started or finished building the second Bais HaMikdash then it is a bit premature for us to do so for just being let back into some of our rightful territory and for being allowed to self-govern. – Yahu May 14 '10 at 17:01
@Yahu Seems like a judgment call for a posek. And there are those who've paskened in every possible direction. I think that the best answers to this question would quote from the contemporary posekim or describe practices in communities that are under their direction. – Isaac Moses May 14 '10 at 18:52
@Jeremy, the operative word is "Perhaps". – Yahu May 16 '10 at 4:54
@Yahu Who says Ezra didn't make changes? The current Shemonah Esrei was only written after the destruction of the second temple! This is obvious as 3 of the brachot, ask for the return of the beit hamikdash – avi Dec 27 '11 at 14:08
@Yahu There is "circumstantial" evidence that 25 Kislev was important before Chanukah as well. judaism.stackexchange.com/a/22721/759 I agree I can't rigorously prove it. – Double AA May 14 '15 at 3:00

Here are two possible texts according to Nusach Eretz Yisrael (machon shilo).

I had also seen a longer text used in the Great Synagoge in Rome, but don't have an electronic text.

I would think that one could add them in either Shema Koleinu or Modim (maybe even Bonei Yerushalayim?) without concern, as long as the standard chatima is used.

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if bonei yerushalayim, then why not also t'ka b'shofar gadol? – Adam Mosheh Apr 26 '12 at 19:38
You can add prayers to shma koleinu, but not necessarily modim. Even though the original al hanisim is in modim, its not so simple to add to the 1st 3 or last 3 brachos. – Ariel K Apr 26 '12 at 20:19
@ArielK - I understand not adding to the first three, but why not the last three? – Adam Mosheh Apr 26 '12 at 22:05

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