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I've been reading through the Malbim Esther and have found it fascinating reading, and I was wondering whether there are any other notable seforim with divrei Torah about Purim. I am going through the Pachad Yitzchok on Purim, and I was wondering whether there are any other notable recommended sforim. Thanks!

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R' Zevin's holiday sefarim have some nice Purim Divrei Torah. Translated into english by artscroll as well. – Menachem Feb 24 '12 at 17:00

There are quite a few interesting ones - most pretty lengthy, but they can be mined for shorter nuggets too - in Yaaros Devash, by R. Yonasan Eibeschutz, and Derashos Chasam Sofer.

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There is a Sefer called Otzros HaTorah - Purim that is a Likut of many interesting and notable Divrei Torah. It is available on Purim as well as all the other Yomim Tovim.

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The VBM has published a few new Divrei Torah on each holiday, including Purim, every year. The Divrei Torah are collected and available online in their Holiday Journals (the Purim section is here).

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