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In every one of the 15 steps one is supposed (according to Halacha) to either do something, eat something or say something.

For example,

  1. Kadesh - one must do Kiddush - Biblical/Rabbinic.
  2. Urchatz - one must wash his hands - Rabbinic
  3. Karpas - dip vegetableinto salt water - (old standing) custom.

etc. However, what exactly is the Halachic requirements involved in Nirtzah. All the more so, where in the Hagadda of the Baal HaTanya, the only thing that comes after the fourth cup is Leshana Habaah.

What exactly is Nirtzah then?

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The Rambam doesn't have Nirtza at all. Just the fourth cup and that's it. See his haggadah here –  Double AA Feb 16 '12 at 21:15

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Like Shalom's answer.

From Chabad.org


The steps of the Seder have been integrated into our consciousness and accepted. Now we pause, take a deep breath, and reflect on our experience: We examined our personal challenges through the slavery of our ancestors, and we achieved a personal freedom by reliving the Exodus. We completed our part in good faith; the rest is up to you-know-Who.

Also from Chabad.org

...And now, let Him do what He has promised to do: A re-run. A modern exodus of liberation. Starring us. With lots of miracles. But this time, forever.

The Bnei Yissachar has another explanation

These are only excerpts. Check the links for more in-depth coverage.

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A conclusion by which we hope that our Seder was "acceptable"/"desirable" to G-d.

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