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Someone recently mentioned in a conversation about making/ not making tea on shabbat with a tea bag, that the Starbucks VIA coffee is micro-ground vs how ever regular instant coffee is made and that making micro-ground coffee is actually like making tea on shabbat.

Anybody know anything about this? Would this mean that people who don't make tea with a tea bag (obviously after a kli sheni) because of kali bishul concerns shouldn't use micro ground coffee on shabbat? And getting deeper into it, would this mean that one would have to make this kind of coffee in a kli shlishi if they do make tea that way?

Thoughts, Information...?

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Idk, what is Via? – Adam Mosheh Jul 16 '12 at 14:29

Per the cRc Chicago:

Starbucks Via Instant coffee may be used on Shabbos (when prepared in the proper way of preparing instant beverages on Shabbos).


We were in touch with the Rav HaMachshir who reports that it is pre-cooked sufficiently to permit its use on Shabbos.

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Gershon, @MEG, thanks for bringing this to light. I usually go w/o coffee on Shabbos, but I tried the Via and it wasn't too bad. Y'all will now have a zechus in my Shabbos learning and davening. – YDK Feb 19 '12 at 5:09

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