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ונוהגין להפטיר בחתונה שוש אשיש.‏

The Rama above (from OC 428) says that in his area the custom was to read a special haftora if a groom was present in the synagogue.

Has anyone seen this minhag or know why it seems to have largely died out?

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Wikipedia claims (with no source given) that

No one reads a special haftarah for a bridegroom any longer, except the Karaites.

This is a revised edition of something I myself added to that article in 2004. While I didn't cite any source (and, still, there's no citation for that claim in the Wikipedia article), I do remembering having researched the issue, and I feel confident that my self of several years ago would not have added that information without its being IMO reliable; alas, I no longer remember what the source was.

Edit: Note, though, that Shaare Efrayim 9:26 says that "some places" do read this haftara but that "we" do not.

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reminds me of this: xkcd.com/978 – Menachem Dec 4 '11 at 18:41
@Menachem - SO true! – Seth J Dec 6 '11 at 15:05

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