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Who knows two hundred eighty?

?שמונים ומאתים - מי יודע

In the spirit of the song "Echad - mi yodeya", please post interesting and significant Jewish facts about the number 280.

I'm feeling bullish about people's ability to make something of the lazy gematria this time.

Check out for the previous two hundred seventy-nine entries in this ongoing series.

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There are 280 verses in the book of Ezra.

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By the Pitum HaKetores there are 4 items (Samonim) that have a weight of 70 Mana.

1 - Tzori

2 - Tziporen

3 - Chelbana

4 - Levona

4 x 70 = 280

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From when Avraham was born until Yitzchok passed away was 280 years. Avraham was 100 when Yitzchok was born and Yitzchok lived 180 years.

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280 days, the term of natural pregnancy

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Note that this is not the first value for days in a pregnancy that has been entered in this series, and it probably won't be the last. – Isaac Moses Dec 5 '11 at 19:32

דברי הימים ב: יד. ז. ויהי לאסא חיל נשא צנה ורמח מיהודה שלש מאות אלף ומבנימן נשאי מגן ודרכי קשת מאתים ושמונים אלף כל אלה גבורי חיל

דברי הימים ב: יז. טו. ועל ידו יהוחנן השר ועמו מאתים ושמונים אלף

I know its 280,000 however it will take way long till we get there.

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There are only two or three significant figures in these numbers anyway. (In other words, I seriously doubt they're meant to be precise down to the individual soldier.) I'd say they're valid lechatchila for 280. – Isaac Moses Dec 5 '11 at 19:34

The Temple Mount is approximately rectangular, 488 meters (1,601 feet) on the western side, 471 meters (1,542 feet) on the eastern side, 315 meters (1033 feet) on the northern side, and 280 meters (919 feet) on the southern side. The total area is about 150,000 square meters (about 35.5 acres).

Entering the Temple Mount— in Halacha and Jewish History By: GEDALIA MEYER and HENOCH MESSNER

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Even if you are not bullish בכור בהמה which = 280 is mentioned 3 times in Tanach.

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