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The last perek of Sanhedrin lists some people who have no share in Olam Haba. Other people who forfeit their share are discussed in the answers to this question: No Olam Habah for these?

My question is: What happens to those people who don't have a portion in Olam Haba? Do they stay in Gehenom? Disappear? Something else?

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Me'iri explains that they go directly to Gehenom. According the Rambam Ramban, after death you either go to Gan Eden or Gehenom. At the time of the final judgment it is decided if you go to Olam Haba, these people do not stop for judgment but remain in Gehenom so as not to increase their punishment. Yad Ramah's explanation is similar to the Ramban but says the reason they do not stand in judgment is that they already had their punishment here and should not be further punished.

See this link for further explanation of these opinions.

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@vram, good edit. Also, Morah, are you sure Ramban holds it's to avoid increasing punishment that ppl in Gehinom don't stand for judgment? It sounds from the article like it's a byproduct of the fact their punishment isn't interrupted, not like that's the reason. (I haven't seen the Ramban inside.) –  Seth J Feb 27 '12 at 6:09
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