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Are there any eruvs that include both sides of a US Interstate Highway?

I assumed this was halachically and/or logistically impossible. Is that correct? Can anyone prove this wrong by (groan) construction?

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Why would you think it's impossible? That may affect the validity of answers, including the answer I gave (and you accepted). For example, I-170, like all three-digit interstates that start with an odd number, is a spur; thus, it's not as used as, e.g., I-70. Moreover, I-170 in the eruv is (I think) never at grade except to briefly cross from below grade to above grade. Does either of those considerations affect your question? – msh210 Nov 25 '11 at 18:22
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The St. Louis [Missouri] Community Eruv includes portions of either side of Interstate 170.

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The Center City [of Philadelphia, Penna.] Eruv includes portions of either side of Interstate 676 and, seemingly, Interstate 95. (Caveat lector: I know nothing about the validity of this eruv.)

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The Far Rockaway/Lawrence, NY Eruv http://www.shaaray-tefilah.org/eruv.pdf contains the route of I-878. However they did build a Mechitza on the Far Rockaway side of the road for those in FR who are Machmir.

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