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If the waters were boiling as the flood continued, how did the fish survive throughout the Mabul?

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Not to mention that without a miracle happening, mixing freshwater and seawater would have been deadly to every single species except maybe salmon, and freshwater fish would have had a hard time knowing what were the freshwater lakes to swim over as the flood waters receded. – A L Apr 18 '13 at 17:05
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A couple of possibilities:

  • I recall hearing once that it was a miracle (neis), but cannot remember where or from whom I heard/saw it.
  • I similarly recall that the waters around the Teivah were not boiling (source and reason), so it is quite possible the fish hung around there.
  • The waters were only boiling on the surface and not in the depths of the sea (no source, but conjectured here [question #402]).
  • According to one medrash, the Atlantic ocean did not boil and all the fish went there (see ibid.) [I think this is somewhat problematic for explaining fresh water fish, though]
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