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I was recently reading a Halachically Speaking article and noticed that in many places in the footnotes, a reference to an OU Document is made. For example:

Refer to OU Document A-94

Is this some sort of internal document, or is there a well-known place one can access these documents?

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I'm guessing that it's a semi-internal system that you can probably find out more about by contacting the OU. If it's referenced in a book, the OU must have some sort of research library. I couldn't find anything on the OU's website, but a quick google search of "OU Document A-94" led to this PDF, which refers to the document which you mention in footnote 31. The footnote reads:

Horav Yisroel Belsky Shlita. Refer to OU Document A-94, see Pischei Halacha (Kashrus) page 118:3 quoting the opinion of the author of the Be’er Moshe (Stern), Bishul Yisroel pages 177-178, Teshuvos from Horav Falk in sefer ibid: pages 29-31.

I don't know for sure the document is available, but that footnote ought to give you some other places to continue your research.


I've emailed the OU and they sent me the document. I've left it in my public Dropbox folder, here. This doesn't answer the question of how their catalog is set up, but this should help you.

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That PDF appears to be a carbon copy of my original PDF... – yydl Oct 7 '11 at 2:53
Oh, well, I'm emailing the OU at the moment, so, we shall see if they can shed light. Also, a mutual friend of ours (who binds books) might be able to pull weight at the OU and find out more, if I can't. – Moshe Oct 7 '11 at 2:54
Did they by any chance tell you where they're kept? Irony: this new document references yet another document in their footnotes... – yydl Oct 11 '11 at 17:07
No they did not. I emailed a certain Rabbi Grossman. His contact information is on the OU website. – Moshe Oct 17 '11 at 17:28

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