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If I eat a pastry and grapes at one sitting, do i make two brachos achronot al hamichya and an al haetz? or may I combine the words into one bracha acharona by saying "al haetz V'al hamichya" ?

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The latter is correct. Assuming you ate a proper shiur of both the pastry and the grapes (which creates a requirement for a bracha achrona), you would combine the bracha achrona.

However, the correct order would be "al hamichya v'al hakalkalah, v'al haetz v'al pri haetz" (על המחיה ועל הכלכלה, ועל העץ ועל פרי העץ)

In general, the correct order is:

  1. Al Hamichya
  2. Al Hagafen
  3. Al Haetz

Similarly, at the end you would substitute the for all the food-types you ate...

Source: Siddur Tefillas Shlomo (Artscroll), and Sefer Sharei Haberacha (page 311)

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And if you had lots of grapes but only a nibble of cookie, once you're making an "al ha'etz", you can add in the phrase "al hamichya." (Igros Moshe.) – Shalom Sep 19 '11 at 2:05
@Shalom I assume "could" but don't have to. Is there any advantage to doing so? – yydl Sep 19 '11 at 2:11

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